The Magic Lantern: Pushing the Limits for Daylighting Exhibition Spaces

Course# Met104
This course is AIA/CES registered for 1LU / HSW.

As designers become more aware of sustainability issues, daylighting has become an increasingly important aspect of the beautiful and sustainable interior. Through materials and their placement the quality of sunlight can be manipulated in extraordinary ways that serve the specific needs and uses of a given project. In the case of the Bloch Building, a contemporary addition to the bulky, neoclassical, 1933 Nelson-Atkins Museum in Kansas City, Steven Holl Architects is pushing the envelope on daylighting in order to create magical light-spaces while controlling for the specific amounts of light that display artwork beautifully without harming it. In this feature article from the March 2007 issue of Metropolis daylighting issues are explored through the lens of the Bloch Building including innovative use of materials, process, and the importance of the end-user.

Participant will be able to:
— Identify materials that contribute to the effects of daylighting.
— Identify at least three methods during the design phase for determining daylighting outcomes.
— Identify the effects of contributions to gallery lighting, both natural and electric, when shown plans and photographs of the Bloch Building.

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