The National Mall: It’s Your Call

The National Park Service is conducting public meetings in Washington, DC this week (today and Saturday) to discuss designs and future plans for the National Mall. The Trust for the National Mall encourages attendance from area residents but is also seeking nationwide participation via the National Park Service’s Web site.

There are three proposed concepts for the National Mall:
Alternative A focuses on the historic landscape with its memorials and planned views.
Alternative B focuses on a welcoming national civic space for public gatherings, and high-use level.
Alternative C focuses on urban recreation and use plus a sustainable urban ecology.
Also up for discussion is a “no-action alternative” that would continue the current management direction.

The meetings will take place at the Old Post Office Tower, 1100 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Room M09 at the following times:
Wednesday, January 9, 12 pm to 4 pm ET
Saturday, January 12, 10 am to 2pm ET

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