The Next Wave Carlo Gugliemi | Fontana Arte

We all need to take stock of our creative capacities against the larger backdrop of a global financial crisis. It’s almost as if we need to interpret this market rather than revive it. This is the first time we’ve found ourselves
in a situation like this. Previous meltdowns were limited to single countries or regions. Today’s recession involves the entire world. Consequently, there’s been a momentary brake on new investments and projects across the industry. But even in this downturn, most of us realized very quickly that today, especially today, we need to be creative, to return to our designers and workshops, and lead our way out of this crisis by example. Because of this, I think we’ll see many new things at the next Salone: new products, technologies, means of production. Our products are the result of
our creativity, which is a by-product of our culture. Now we have to find the courage to create on the one hand and to dream on the other.

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