The Privilege of Park Planning

Great article. I love the idea of the Conservancy getting paid for valuable information.



Interesting article but completely uncritical. A better name for the program would be “the public-private space model.” There is a lot of debate (in the NY times and elsewhere) about the role of the CPC (Central Park Conservancy) imposing their very specific (and, many would argue, class-based) vision of how the park should be used on other (non-member) publics who also use the park. You should at least acknowledge this.

Margaret Crawford


It’s about time we all wised-up and jumped on the bandwagon for public spaces and parks. Central Park is the living, breathing heart of New York. Sharing their knowledge and helping other communities understand, design, and create the green spaces that provide so much is a noble and needed gift. Bravo!

Katharine Boyda


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