Though Future Is Unpredictable, SmartWrap Shows Promise

It’s impossible to predict the success or lack of industrial acceptance of a new product or process, no matter how innovative or promising it may be. ( “The Cleverest Building Material Around”) In the 1970’s, a product called “Aluca-bond” was touted as being the “structural building material of the future.” It was lightweight, easy to install, low maintenance, paintable and could be bent, die-cut, curved, or molded as desired. It was the rage of architectural students everywhere.

It never took off and I never found out why. No one seems to remember the stuff.

SmartWrap also has a lot of promise. And, yes, I am very intrigued. The ability to color the wall—or drop out a window in the material by simple programming, or even use it as a display for CGI—holds enormous potential. Consider the advertising potential! We are talking about walls that can not only generate an image, but also generate income and profits!

The only thing that will hold it back is cost. I personally can’t wait to see it applied on a major scale.

Art Donovan
Donovan Design

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