To Infinity and Beyond

“Potential infinity and how to contend with it has continued to provide an ever-inspiring challenge and has remained the playground for my imagination,” wrote Austrian-born sculptor Erwin Hauer in the 2004 monograph Continua. It was this notion of “potential infinity” that inspired Hauer to create his hypnotically looped and undulating architectural screens in the 1950s. Material limitations made the screens difficult to install at the time, but computer technology and advances in manufacturing are now giving Hauer’s designs a second life. “My partners in Erwin Hauer Studios have made big strides in taking the screens past the laborious and error-prone assembly of the past,” he says. Learn more about Hauer’s work—and find out how a new generation is following in his footsteps—at the Metropolis Conference, on Monday, May 22, at 2:30 p.m.

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