Trends: Over the Top

Shiny, geometric, and glam, some of this year’s designs seem inspired by the outré opulence of the 1980s.

1. CPlighting’s Sate-lite pendant, designed by Christopher Poehlmann, features six bare bulbs on aluminum stalks sprouting from a frosted acrylic cube.

2. The Carillon Chime Chandelier, by JGood Design, drips with gold tendrils of handblown glass.

3.Sculptor Sydney Cash has created a series of horizontal glass lenses that reflect and magnify light from spot halogen bulbs.

4. Éditorial’s extra-deep SEDO chair spans a generous 60 inches with sleek, pure lines.

5. Part of Danish Crafts’ Powercraft collection, the Hollowware fruit bowl is a silvery cloud of inflatable foil.

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