Updates on the Face It webcast

We just received this update on Wednesday morning’s FaceIt webcast from Architecture 2030’s director, Kristina Kershner:

1. The graphic design competition will be one of the most unusual and challenging to come along, and we really want to encourage the talent out there to participate. We’re looking for original, powerful and provocative entries worthy of the cause and publication in Metropolis.

2. The webcast will not only reveal how to stop global warming, but also how to revitalize our struggling economy in the process.

3. The competitions are heating up with schools like Pratt lining up hundreds of students to participate en masse. **
Note: Competition participants need to get their supplies now, so that they’re ready to go when the rules are announced. Things like body paint, paint brushes, etc.

4. The half-hour webcast can be viewed any time after 9 am EST on January 30.

5. The details of the competitions will be revealed during the webcast, and the graphic design entries are due on February 1 at 11:59 p.m. The judges are Laurie David, Susan S. Szenasy, and Architecture 2030.

**I spoke with Pratt’s School of Architecture Professor Brent Porter and they are gearing up for two full-days of activities in the two-story “Pit” area in Higgins Hall and in other locations on campus. Students will be working on charettes, Ed Mazria’s appearance on PBS’ e2 series will be available for viewing (plus repeated viewings of the morning’s webcast), and a body painting party at the end of day one. The second day will feature a full day of discussions including the sessions “Is Design a Green Collar Job?”, “ The New Culture of the Art and Design Workplace,” “How is Pratt Meeting the Challenge?,” and the evening’s roundtable moderated by Susan Szenasy, “Tipping Points: Art, Politics, and Civic Engagement.”

We’ll be reporting from Pratt on Wednesday and will fill-in all the questions regarding the two upcoming competitions!

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