USM Modular Furniture

The underlying impetus behind all USM Modular Furniture products is that form should follow function. USM furniture is characterized by timeless design and high-quality construction which enables their products to adapt to changing needs over time. The elegant proportions and minimalist design make each system appropriate for both home and office environments, able to assimilate with any architecture or interior design. The USM sales staff is thoroughly trained to ensure that each client fully understands their system. They provide assistance with installation and help in selecting the customized features to ensure optimal use and allow for possible expansion.

USM’s venerable Haller system is a paradigm of versatile modular design. First released in the 60’s, Haller has become an icon of timeless aesthetics and quality and was accepted into the Museum of Modern Art’s Architecture and Design collection in 2001. The Haller system is composed of a separate desk and storage piece with customized table options available in standard shapes, sizes and finishes. The system can also be tailored to organize work supplies and technological devices with attachable equipment such as drawers, shelves, swing arms for telephones, monitors and computers, paper and wire management organizers. The simplicity of Haller’s construction gives it unprecedented flexibility in how it can be configured. Its frame consists of three elements: the ball joint, chrome connecting tubes and panels. This simple composition makes it easy to set up in a variety of ways, or take apart and reconfigure to meet new spatial and functional requirements. The Haller system does not have a pre-established front or back so it can be built in any direction to define space for individual or grouped workstations.

USM’s newest line, eleven22, offers an innovative and highly flexible solution to the contemporary office’s struggle to accommodate increased computer hardware with space limitations. Like the Haller system, eleven22 also responds to rapidly changing work environments by allowing countless configurations that are easily modified. It is a self-contained work solution with height-adjustable folding surfaces as well as accessory options for organizing shelves, lighting, cables, and storage. Eleven22 recently received the Good Design Award from the prestigious Chicago Athenaeum.

USM demonstrates their commitment to corporate responsibility by giving back to the community and acting responsibly towards the environment. The adaptability of USM’s products makes them easy to disassemble, supplement, and reuse for a client’s changing needs. Their strength and durability ensure that they will stand up to many years of use. USM uses eighty percent recyclable components, and their factories use exclusively green processes to conserve energy and materials whenever possible.

For the reception or conference area as well as retail space, USM offers the Display system and the Kitos (Complex Integrated Table Organization System) line. For more information about USM products, please call 212-371-1230 or visit their website at

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