V2.3’s Carbon Fiber Future

This incredibly light stacking chair (it weighs 2.3 kilos—just under five pounds—hence the name) was developed by Takano, a Japanese manufacturer, and Talon Technology, an Australian industrial design firm. The frame is constructed of carbon fiber and the seat and back from a polyester mesh. “It’s curious,” says Geoff Germon, Talon’s CEO, “the optimum weight for this chair is probably under two kilos, but no one likes it at that weight. It’s almost weirdly light. The market just doesn’t trust a chair that light.” V2.3 is comprised of four pieces: two legs, the bent seat and frame, and a bracing rod that connects the legs.

Germon has come to ICFF “to preach this mission of material knowledge and introduce architects and designers to carbon fiber,” he says. “I find they know about it but don’t know what to do with it yet. But it’s innately moldable to organic shapes and offers talented form makers a wealth of opportunities.”

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