SVA: Nigel Sielegar and Nicole Marinake

How many pairs of shoes/glasses do you own?

Nigel: Eight pairs of shoes and three pairs of glasses.

Nicole: I have too many shoes to count, and I don’t wear glasses. I wear sunglasses, and I have about a dozen pairs of sunglasses.

Think of something else that ICFF can stand for.

Nigel: Internal Control For Friendship.

Nicole: Interesting Creative Fucking Freaks.

If you could build a piece of furniture out of any material in the world, what would it be?

Nigel: I’d make one out of clouds.

Nicole: Probably bubble wrap. Just because every time you’d sit on it, it’d just be so much fun!

What is the desktop picture on your computer?

Nigel: Mine is the runway from one of our fashion shows.

Nicole: Mine’s actually an image by Andrew Bosch, he did this beautiful old-time cinematic thing and I just get so happy every time I see it.

Do you sketch with a particular kind of pen or notebook?

Nigel: I usually prefer a pen, and paper I don’t really choose, whatever paper I can get.

Nicole: I draw on anything with anything. The table, my hand.

When did you know you wanted to be a designer?

Nigel: I don’t really know when—art was my worst major in high school. And then when I took the bachelor’s degree, I took design, and I ended up loving it.

Nicole: When I was three years old I used to take the Barbie heads off and change them. So my mom found this drawer full of Barbie heads and was like, “You need to design your own toy.”

What’s the favorite thing you’ve seen here so far?

Nigel: The mosaic over there, Sicis. I think it’s beautiful.

Nicole: I haven’t wandered around much. I saw some pretty wallpaper over there.

If you weren’t a designer, what would you be?

Nigel: I’d be an engineer probably.

Nicole: I’d be in theater somehow. I do that as my real job, like technical theater.

What is your least favorite color?

Nigel: I don’t think I have any! I like them all.

Nicole: It would probably be like that puke orange-ish color.

Do you have a hero?

Nigel: I don’t think I have any. My mom is pretty cool… I guess my mom.

Nicole: Steve Heller. No, I’m kidding! My hero would probably be Lewis Black actually.

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