WeSeeYou@ICFF— Maloos Anvarian

Maloos Anvarian, 48, Interior Designer

What are you doing here at ICFF?
I’m looking at products just to see what’s new. And I’m looking for some things for our showroom in San Francisco.

Have you seen anything that you love?
We picked up quite a few things. We have an eclectic modern look in San Francisco. There’s a lot of new materials that should be popular—resin and Lucite. You do see the same things over and over, but with different expressions.

What was your last personal design purchase?
A Monsac bag.

Which everyday object is most in need of a redesign?
Cellphones! And even phones in the office.

Tell us about your outfit!
It’s a kind of a mixture. This is an Alfani tie, the shirt is Jane Fontaine, she only does whites. The pants are old Calvin Klein, and the shoes are something really cheap…the kind where you buy one in every color if you like them. Oh yes, they’re Chinese Laundry.

Do you think design can save the world?
Absolutely. Why not? It definitely makes a difference. For example, we’re staying in a hotel, a nice boutique hotel, and the bathroom is useless. It looks very modern, but the sink is tiny, nothing works, and then you hit your head —that kind of design can’t save the world, in fact, bad design can hurt you!

What did you have for breakfast?
Starbucks – a croissant and a latte.

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