WeSeeYou@ICFF—Genevieve Grenier

Genevieve Grenier/Age Design, 30, Industrial Designer

What are you doing here at ICFF?
We’re launching our first project, it’s a high chair. We had a baby, and we had one of those big chairs, we called them SUV chairs. They’re no good—the child’s not well seated, food spilled all over. After four months my husband started drawing ideas. It took a year and a half to produce it; our son was the test pilot for several months.

Have you seen anything that you love?
The cushion chairs at Six Inch. It has…in French we call it clin d’oeil. When something doesn’t give everything immediately, you have to discover something about them.

Who is the most underrated designer?
Achille Castiglioni. There’s a sense of intelligence to his work.

Who is the most overrated?
I don’t like the star system around designers. We’re just doing simple products for humans.

What’s your most recent personal design purchase?
A car! A black Jetta.

Which daily object is most in need of a redesign?
The system when you put the liquid in for the windshield wiper – it’s impossible!

Tell us about your outfit!
The shoes are John Fluevog, the dress and jacket are from Zara. I don’t know where the leggings are from – I borrowed them from my sister. The necklace is by a young designer, she works in Montreal, she does things made of feathers also – I’m so sorry that I can’t remember her name!

Can design save the world?
No. I don’t think so. Design can help, but it’s probably not going to do that much; we think we are too hot as designers.

What did you have for breakfast?
Fruit salad, a latte, and one egg.

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