WeSeeYou@ICFF—Kathrin Eirich + Arne Zimmermann

Kathrin Eirich/Eirich and Friends, 30, Interior Architect
Arne Zimmermann/Pablo’s Birthday, 39, Gallery Owner

What are you doing here at ICFF?
KE – …looking at furniture!
AZ – I’m her assistant. She looks at furniture and I write down what she likes. At art fairs, it is the opposite.

Have you seen anything that you love?
KE – At Edra, Todd Baxter had these old looking lamps. And I thought the Danish were refreshing.

Which designer do you think is the most underrated?
KE – Droog Design. And BDDV, they’re a beautiful store in New York.

The most overrated?
KE – Karim Rashid.

What was your last personal design purchase?
KE – Driade chairs, the gold ones, in a ’50s design.

Which everyday object is most in need of a redesign?
KE – Kitchen stoves, microwaves, refrigerators. You have a design-y kitchen, and then that stuff still looks awful.
AZ – Toilet paper holders! And toilet brushes.

Tell us about your outfit!
KE – The shoes are about 15 years old, I bought them when I was in Las Vegas with my parents. The dress is 17 years old – see, it even has moth holes, real ones, not ones added by a designer! The bag is Lanvin, it was my parents’ Christmas present. The army jacket I bought used here in New York, the glasses are Chanel—someone left them in his office—and the shirt is from a Turkish store.

AZ – This is an old Levi’s jacket —look, it’s the kind with the big E—I bought it in a flea market in Budapest. This is a rainbow colored Arafat scarf, Bass shoes, handmade in Budapest. The watch is a Rolex Milgauss—that’s very important —I thought I lost it but I found it again. Even if I go to the South Pole it will still tell time! The shirt is from a Steven Allen sample sale and the jeans are Stitch —she made me get them. Oh, and these are old Carrera glasses that I got on EBay.

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