WeSeeYou@ICFF—Stephanie Forsythe

Stephanie Forsythe/molo, 36, designer/maker/architect

What are you doing here at ICFF?
We’re here for the 4th time. We’ve kind of grown up here. The first show we came to, our first year, we only had a teapot. This year it’s all familiar faces and our booth is like a big petting zoo—we actually have everything produced, you can touch things and sit on them.

Have you seen anything that you love?
The Metropolis booth is very cool—and I’m not just saying that! Brent Comber, he has a series of hanging tree trunk lamps made from reclaimed wood from BC that I like.

What was your last personal design purchase?
This dress! I bought it knowing that there’s a texture similarity happening – people see me in it and know I belong with the wall. And we bought Eames aluminum group chairs—everyone in the studio has one.

Which daily object is most in need of a redesign?
The salt and pepper mill! I want one where you can grind it easily with one hand.

Tell us about your outfit!
This is an Issey Miyake dress, a Pleats Please one, obviously! And the necklace and bracelet I made —they’re aluminum honeycomb made from aircraft aluminum—it’s a lot softer than it looks. I just switched to flats! I was wearing those Cole Haan heels with the Nike soles, but they were really uncomfortable; these are Kenneth Cole patent leather flats.

Do you think design can save the world?
Absolutely. I think it’s essential to making the world a better place. We’re physical creatures, so in the end design is the only thing that can help.

What did you have for breakfast?
Eggs benedict—a New York classic! Did you know that it was invented here? Oscar, a chef at the Plaza Hotel, used to make a breakfast for a regular customer—toast, with a poached egg and a gooseneck of hollandaise sauce. I have eggs benedict for breakfast every morning when I’m in New York!

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