WeSeeYou@ICFF—Tahmineh Javanbakht + Enrico Bressan of Artenica

Tahmineh Javanbakht, 44, Co-Art Director of Artenica
Enrico Bressan, 47, Co-Art Director of Artenica and Company CEO

What are you doing here at ICFF?
EB – We’re here to exhibit and to illustrate the Artenica concept of design with conscience.

Have you seen anything you love?
TJ – The Inga Sempe sofa at Edra.
EB – And the Campana Brothers chair.

Who’s the most underrated designer?
EB – Those who are not known to be designers. For example, Ed Rodia, who created the Watts Towers. And Khalili Nader (www.calearth.com).

Which common object is most in need of a redesign?
EB – Lightbulbs.
TJ – Kids’ car seats.

What was your last design purchase?
EB – A striped Etro shirt.
TJ – Martin Margiela flats.

Do you think designers can change the world?
TJ – We’re trying! Designers always start things. The design with conscience campaign, we’ve done it for three or fours years, not it’s not just some hippies grinding glass, there are big companies coming out and wanting to do things like this.
EB – Here’s an example – we work with a lot of different vendors, now a lot of them are packaging things in paper, not plastic – these are vendors in South America, China, all over.

Tell us about your outfit!
TJ – Lanvin shoes and pearl bracelet, a Comme des Garcons skirt and top. The jacket is sort of a knock-off, I had a Stella McCartney jacket that I loved so much, I took it to a tailor and made a duplicate!
EB – Etro suit and shirt, Marc Jacobs socks, Martin Margiela leather bracelet.

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