WeSeeYou@ICFF—Yves Behar

Yves Béhar, 40, Designer

What are you doing here at ICFF?
I’m launching a bench with Bernhardt, we have a booth for the CCA students, and there’s a chair for Design Within Reach.

Have you seen anything that you love?
Tony Meredith’s Slash Chair.

Who is the most underrated designer
Everybody’s underrated when it comes to design, especially in America. Companies don’t understand the concept of patronage here, the importance of long-term relationships.

What was your last design purchase
A skateboard! I love it so much. It’s a longboard made of reclaimed wood, with bright pink wheels. It was a gift for myself for my 40th birthday; I found it at the Paul Smith store in Soho.

Tell us about your outfit!
The shirt is Mhiaraya Suhiro for Puma – it has birds in flight, it’s very optimistic. And I’m wearing underwear I just bought from American Apparel – it’s bright yellow.

Which common object is most in need of a redesign
Airplane interiors and hybrid cars.

What did you have for breakfast
Oatmeal with fruit at my hotel.

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