Who Will Clean Up Once Town Haul Leaves?

Unfortunately, the American TV watcher wants image and gloss, not the real thing; Jeffersonville will be destroyed by Town Haul. [“Pleasantville”] Towns and cities last for hundreds of years and affect thousands of lives. The superficial TV treatment (a la Trading Spaces) will give Jeffersonville a tinker-toy legacy that the town’s citizens will be trying to fix decades after the TV cameras have left. I pity the shop owner who is left prying liquid nails off of his 150-year-old historic building.

If Ms. Gorder were really serious about helping, she’d enlist the help of real professionals: planners and architects.

At least the other reality TV shows only damaged and humilated the consenting participants. The entire community, future and past, is the victim now. This is irresponsible!

Tammara Tracy
Principal Planner, Ordinance Revisions
Meridian St Preservation Commission Chair
Indianapolis, Indiana

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