Why You Should Love Richard Florida

Does Richard Florida have all of the answers? [“Why I Don’t Love Richard Florida”] No. Nobody does. Did Richard Florida invent the creative class? No. He didn’t even discover it. He just gave it a name.

That said, you should love Richard Florida, or, at least, like him a lot. What he did with his bluster and punditry is shine a light, for all of our bumbling, inept, visionless leaders, on who really does the work of turning a city around.

Now, the trick is to keep our visionless leaders from a.) treating Dr. Florida’s musings as some sort of silver bullet, and b.) twisting the Florida mantra into an excuse to spend our tax dollars on some ham-fisted, half-assed attempt to build something that will “draw in the creative class.”

Arthur Benjamin Carmichael III
Ad-Sales Writer/Producer
Creative Services Department
Home & Garden Television

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